Dentists Trained to Spot Meth Mouth

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Dentists Trained to Spot Meth MouthWhen it comes to the war against drugs, many have realized that simply punishing drug abusers by arresting, ticketing, and fining them is not enough to truly combat the problem at hand. Addiction is a serious disease that can take hold of an individual's life, and change everything from their priorities, to their sense of risk and danger, to their view on life and frame of mind. Because addiction burrows so deeply into an individual's self it has become apparent that punishment alone will not help these individuals to heal and overcome the serious problem that has developed in their life.

In recent times, local and state government officials have set into action new bills, essentially rules and procedures to follow when an addict is admitted to jail or to intensive or emergency care in the hospitals. The focus now is being diverted to answer the question of, "How can we help addicts?"

Recently, in order to improve the existing drug prevention efforts, a campaign aiming to help dentists to spot meth-mouth on addicted patients has been implemented. The campaign also aims to educate patients by displaying images of meth-mouth individuals through educational videos which can be displayed in the waiting rooms. For the younger generations, there is a graphic novel which is aimed at preteens and early teens to depict the deterioration of the mouth overtime when it is neglected and abused. It is hoped that with this awareness campaign, through healthcare establishments such as dentists' office, there will be a greater outreach in the community to help those who struggle with addiction. By being able to offer them help before their habit brings them to jail or an early grave, dentists could potentially save lives as well as teeth.

 Resource: Partnership for a Drug-Free America