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Eye-Balling And Liquor SmokingJust when we thought we heard it all, there come the terms Vaportini and eye-balling. These are new to the substance abuse world. Vaportini and eye-balling are relatively new forms of consuming alcohol, which is through the inhalation of vapors that contain heavy amounts of alcohol which happens in a short period of time. For example, a vaportini, which is a play on words for martini and vapors, is a method in which a liquor beverage is poured into a glass container and then heated through a heat source (candle), and then inhaled through a straw by the user. The notable danger in this process is the considerable amount of alcohol being inhaled in a very short period of time. Generally, it takes a person up to 20 minutes to feel the full effects of what he or she drinks. The effect steadily increases and slowly gets the user drunk.

With alcohol vapors, the same person potentially can inhale an equivalent of six to seven shots in one sitting, in just a few seconds. The dangers are paramount, because there is no sure way of knowing one's limit, meaning that limit can easily be crossed without any conscious awareness of it. These dangers pose health complications, overdoses, intoxication, and can easily lead to other harmful activities.

Eye balling is much different from liquor smoking. It is the process in which a person places drops of hard liquor into their eye, and as a result, into their systems. The danger is the harm to the eye, particularly the cornea. The act itself has been condemned by the American Academy of Ophthalmology. The act causes pain and possible infection, and damages the surface epithelial cells. As a result, eye balling can easily lead to the permanent destruction of one's vision. Also, it doesn't even lead to a quick high, since the amount of vodka absorbed is too little to have that immediate effect. Many of these ideas are just created for marketing and promotional purposes where products are being invented and sold to give alcoholics and curious drinkers a new way to consume these drugs.

In fact, even moderate drinking has been the start of many long term drinking habits, but with these new forms of drinking the danger is well beyond habit forming and it goes straight to blindness and death. If these trends continue we will start seeing the effects of them in the abusers in terms of fainting, losing consciousness, not waking up from a drunk sleep which is simply dying from intoxication. Maybe the best bet is to stay away from unconventional drinking. After all, conventional drinking is already responsible for killing thousands of people worldwide.

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