How Effective is Drug Rehab?

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How Effective is Drug Rehab? Addiction is a complex disease that goes much deeper than just treating the physical addiction, but like any other chronic disease, drug addiction can be treated effectively. Attaining long term sobriety involves addressing the underlying problems that led to drug abuse in the first place, such as family or relationship problems, financial struggle, emotional or psychological trauma that perhaps remained dormant in the individual's life for years, and any possible co-occurring mental health disorders.

An effective drug rehab program is known to provide a multi-disciplinary approach to addiction treatment to ensure that all of the individual's substance abuse-related problems are addressed and not just the addiction. A multi-disciplinary approach includes a wide range of services such as medical detox, ongoing individual and group counseling, both traditional and holistic therapies such as cognitive behavioral therapy, meditation and yoga practices. Also, an important component of an effective drug rehab program is aftercare. A quality inpatient rehab program will tailor a set of aftercare requirements and goals for each individual, based on discharge evaluation and specific individual needs. Maintaining a dependable support system through an aftercare program where understanding and encouragement is assured, is invaluable for the first six months and up to a year following drug rehab.

In conclusion, although drug addiction treatment outcomes depend on the extent and nature of the individual's problem and the appropriateness of treatment and related services, seeking a drug rehab center that offers all the components mentioned above can yield to effective treatment.

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