How Long Does Alcohol Rehab Take?

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How Long Does Alcohol Rehab Take? An alcohol treatment facility usually offers 30, 60 and 90 day rehab programs. Length of an alcohol rehab stay is determined by each recovering individual’s situation such as severity of the alcohol dependency, existence of a co-occurring disorders, and insurance coverage for treatment. A 30 day inpatient/residential alcohol rehab program that includes detox is often the starting point for most recovering individuals, as it offers the initial treatment components necessary for recovering individuals to develop a solid foundation for their recovery.

Inpatient 30 day rehab programs are known for being intense, where every hour of the day is scheduled and devoted to therapeutic counseling and recovery-related activities. A comprehensive alcohol rehab program offers a holistic approach to the treatment of the disease of addiction by incorporating both traditional and alternative therapies.

Recovery from alcohol abuse is an ongoing lifelong process that must be supported by an array of recovery related services, so the recovery process does not conclude after the individual completes an alcohol rehabilitation program. These recovery-related services include a combination of ongoing outpatient treatment, continual participation in support groups, and sober living arrangements after the rehabilitation program is completed.

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