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Behavioral Addictions

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Ohio Casino Targets Younger Population

New Illegal Drug Called "25I-NBome" Hits Utah Streets

Trip Sitter

What is Drunkorexia?

New Jersey Searching for Solutions to Rampant Heroin Problem

Prescription Drug Abuse: A 'Silent Epidemic' in Montana

Oxycontin Addiction in Oceana, West Virginia

Legend Drug Use on the Rise

Kearney, Cincinnati Senator, Announced that he will Introduce Legislation to Expand Accessibility of Naloxone

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Diet Pills Addiction

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Eastern Massachusetts Ranks High Nationally in Drug Abuse

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New Hampshire Doctors Have New Tool to Fight Prescription Drug Abuse

New Jersey Governor Vetoes Immunity for Overdose 911 Calls

Addicted to Painkillers?

Painkiller OxyContin 'most commonly abused prescription drug on the streets of Western Pennsylvania'