Should I Travel for Addiction Treatment?

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Is It Beneficial to Choose Addiction Treatment Away from Home? There is an abundance of benefits for individuals who choose an inpatient addiction treatment program away from home. In addition to round-the-clock medical and emotional support while the recovering individual lives at the treatment facility and receives therapy, inpatient rehabs provide the recovering individual with:

  • A safe and controlled environment with an intensive level of care with daily structured therapeutic counseling sessions
  • A community based solely on a recovery fellowship, where likeminded people pursue similar goals and experiences that can be shared and discussed
  • Protection from familiar and stressful circumstances that promote or fuel the urge to use
  • Opportunity to concentrate completely on their own recovery without any distractions of a typical daily life
  • Introduction to a balanced diet that supports the body through the initial detox phase, as well as throughout the recovery process
  • Opportunity to explore alternative therapeutic options such as yoga, meditation, exercise programs and massage therapy that may become a healthy outlet for daily stressors once intensive addiction treatment is completed
  • Aftercare guidance upon completion of the treatment program which is often planned according to the progress and needs of each individual

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