What is Antabuse

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What is Antabuse? Antabuse is a medication utilized in the treatment of alcoholism to help alcoholics stay sober and it is usually prescribed to be taken during the first weeks of recovery. Antabuse is the brand name of the prescription drug called Disulfiram and it has been in market for about 60 years. Other names of this drug includes: Revia, which is Naltrexone, and Campral.

In a short note, Antabuse works by preventing the liver from breaking down Acetaldehyde (a substance the body produces on its own) causing the body to experience unpleasant physical reactions whenever the individual drinks alcohol. Antabuse starts working 10 minutes after consuming alcohol, and its effects can last for up 30 minutes. Although the use of Antabuse sounds straightforward, it has its pros and cons with varying reactions and effectiveness depending on the person who is taking it. Users have reported different symptoms to include: dizziness, hyperventilation, heart rate increase, severe sweating, headaches, shortness of breath, vomit and nausea.

The idea behind the use of Antabuse is that in order to avoid the unpleasant physical reactions, the alcoholic would think twice before grabbing an alcoholic beverage and eventually he or she will become conditioned and stay away from alcohol altogether. The positive aspect of using this medication is that it doesn't take a lot of drinking before the effects are felt, meaning that the drinker will most likely not get drunk. The down side is that, unfortunately, the medication does not stop cravings for alcohol, so the recovering alcoholic must place great effort on not picking up a drink. Also, if the recovering alcoholic does not take the medication when required, its use is worthless. So, honesty plays an important role when using this medication, for the will of the recovering alcoholic is put to the test as cravings persist and he or she may give in. For this reason most addiction specialist and psychiatrists recommend combining the use of Antabuse with addiction treatment therapies where the addict can share their experiences with others that are facing the same challenges and draw support to remain sober. Also, it is highly recommended that individuals struggling with alcoholism seek professional help at a comprehensive treatment program where all aspects of addiction can be identified, addressed and treated.