What Should I Ask a Drug or Alcohol Rehab Center?

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how to choose a drug or alcohol rehab Being well-informed about what to look for in an addiction treatment program can save recovering individuals and their loved ones time, money and heartbreak. Knowing what to ask and being able to understand what is the "right" recovery program can more accurately help you in the decision process.

To better help with your search, here are 15 questions that you should ask before making your final decision.

  • What Type of Accreditation or Licensing Does the Program Have?
  • What Credentials and Licenses Does the Program's Clinical Staff Hold?
  • What is the Rehab Center's Staff to Patient Ratio?
  • How Long Have They Been in Business?
  • If You Are Not a Private Pay Client, Does the Rehab Center Accept Your Insurance?
  • Does the Rehab Center Offer Gender Specific Counseling?
  • Does the Rehab Center Offer Medical Detox as Part of the Inpatient Treatment?
  • Does the Rehab Center Offer a Method of Alleviating Physical Cravings for Drugs or Alcohol?
  • Does the Rehab Center Offer Individualized Treatment Plans?
  • Does the Program Follow a Holistic Approach, Treating all Aspects of the Disease of Addiction – Body, Mind and Spirit?
  • Does the Rehab Center Offer a Family Recovery Program?
  • Does the Rehab Program Include a Nutritional Component?
  • Does the Program Teach a Recovering Person Sufficient Life Skills to Support a Sober Life?
  • Does the Program Provide Treatment for Individuals Who Also Have One or More Co-Occurring Mental Health Disorders Such as Trauma Related Issues, Anxiety and Depression?
  • Does the Rehab Program Provide any Aftercare Plan for Individuals Who Complete Treatment?

In addition, you need to be looking for a treatment program that offers a structured environment where the recovering individual is provided with daily assignments and receives individualized care from a therapist and psychiatrist.

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