Why Should A Rehab Facility Have Physicians Onsite?

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Onsite Drug and Alcohol Rehab Doctors Physicians available onsite at an addiction rehab facility effectively promotes the treatment process by better establishing a safer environment by facilitating vital medical procedures such as detox and withdrawal management, and providing immediate assistance with problems the client is experiencing as he or she progress through treatment.

Detox and withdrawal management is one of the most important beginning stages of addiction recovery, as it precedes the addiction treatment that deals with the underlying psychological problems that led to addiction and drug abuse in the first place. For this reason, it’s vital that physicians and medical personnel are present to assist the client in cleansing the mind and body from toxins that accumulated during time of abuse. This allows the client to be at optimal health before starting the treatment program, approaching therapy with a clear state of mind, reduced cravings, and overcoming withdrawal symptoms.

Due to the fact that relapse often occurs during the withdrawal period, having physicians onsite to provide immediate assistance if or when the client experiences extreme withdrawal symptoms will help the detox process run smoother, ensuring the patient completes detox in a safe and medically controlled environment.

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