Zohydro Fears of Overdose, Abuse And Addiction

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Zohydro Stirs Fears of Overdose In recent times, the outrage over prescription medication addiction and related deaths have become more and more well known and out spoken. The battle over restricting these medications has been largely at a stalemate due to the opposing sides of the argument. On one hand, there are thousands of people nationwide that depend on opioid painkillers to get them through the day and help them function as normally as possible and without pain. On the other hand, thousands of people are becoming addicted to such medications, and thousands more die annually. With the death toll of painkiller addiction far over reaching that of car accident casualties, there has been a significant outcry for help against what seems like an epidemic of addiction.

To paint an accurate picture of this drug, it might be helpful to understand another opioid painkiller, Hydrocodone. Hydrocodone and other drugs in the family such as morphine, codeine, methadone and oxycodone are some of the most widely abused, and powerful painkillers on the market. This handful of drugs accounts for more over dose deaths than any other three types of drugs combined. That is not even cocaine, heroin and methamphetamine combined account for more deaths than this group of opioid drugs.

Zohydro in relation to hydrocodone is said to be more than 10 times stronger. Furthermore, the drug contains no abuse deterring features. Some painkillers are created with a slow, time-release mechanism in which an individual can take one pill and over time it will slowly release the drug into the blood stream. This helps avoid accidental overdose. Zohydro does not contain this mechanism. Other pills contain a feature that if crushed, they turn into a mushy mess that cannot be snorted. Zohydro also does not contain this mechanism which will make it easy for individuals to abuse the drug through oral ingestion, snorting and even injection.

The prospects of Zohydro becoming a widely abused substance are high. It is expected that once this drug is released to the public and is available through doctor prescription, it will only be a matter of time before people become addicted to it, or deaths are reported. The FDA stands by their policy of not condoning substance abuse, and that this medication will be highly effective for individuals who suffer from long term, chronic pain. However, Zohydro has already come with a warning that individuals who do not use opioid pain killers are at a much higher risk for accidental overdose upon their first try with the drug. 

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