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Following our initial enquiry, should you wish to proceed toward a more detailed assessment; a formal phone consultation will be scheduled with A Center for Addiction Recovery's principal Clinical Consultant/Counselor.

During this consultation, a more detailed assessment of your situation will be undertaken, along with some indication as to what is expected to be achieved in various time frames.

Any proposed addiction treatment program will be tailored to fit your particular needs, and optimized to ensure your goals are achievable throughout your stay.

Members of your family, or any significant others, can be invited to participate in some aspects of your addiction treatment program, if necessary, and based on your approval. Our addiction treatment Clinical Consultant will also discuss and assess any possible need for aftercare services following your return home.

Following your phone consultation with our Clinical Consultant, you will be ready to discuss your options of addiction treatment programs with your family, significant others and/or your friends. In other words, you will be ready for an admission.

You are under no obligation to proceed, but when and if you wish to do so, all you need to do is call, and all the necessary preparations for a smooth and stress-free arrival will be made.

At this stage, and with your permission, we will also liaise with any of your current addiction treatment practitioners to better understand your treatment history and needs prior to your arrival.