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Treatment for Addiction and Mood DisordersMood disorders such as anxiety, depression, and bipolar disorders can be a contributing factor leading to addiction, but often times, a mood disorder is caused by the addiction. Understanding their relationship is essential in developing an integrated addiction treatment model.

We at a Center for Addiction Recovery understand the direct link between addiction and mood disorders, and we strive to treat them both effectively. Regardless of whether or not a mood disorder exists with an addiction, or if its symptoms only emerges during the withdrawal period, treating the mood disorder is just as important as treating the addiction. When mood disorders are not simultaneously treated, underlying issues remain intact and the recovering individual is most likely to relapse at a later date.

The Clinical Definition of the Term Mood Disorder

The clinical definition of the term "mood disorder" is a disturbance in a person's mood which is, or eventually becomes, the underlying cause of a detrimental physical or mental condition. One of the most well-known mood disorders is clinical depression, which can be the underlying cause for a host of physical maladies including such as: extreme fatigue, joint and muscle pain and more. Patients suffering from mood disorders are frequently misdiagnosed as hypochondriacs or attention-seekers. But mood disorders are very real. In addition to clinical depression, other examples of well-known mood disorders are: anxiety and bipolar disorder.

Co-occurring disorders replaces the terms dual disorder or dual diagnosis

Co-occurring disorders (COD) is the most current terminology used to describe individuals who are struggling with both substance use and mental disorders. A diagnosis of co-occurring disorders occurs when at least one disorder of each type can be established independent of the other and is not simply a cluster of symptoms resulting from the one disorder.

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