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Detox Massage, Addiction Treatment Therapy At A Center for Addiction Recovery we offer addiction rehab programs that treat the whole aspect of the disease of addiction. In these programs we treat body, mind and spirit by combining the best of Western bio-medical care and psychotherapy with Eastern holistic therapies that include the traditional therapies and alternative therapies such as: detox massage, light bodywork, yoga, meditation, acupuncture and art therapy.

We consider the case of each and every one of our clients to be absolutely unique, therefore each and every therapeutic treatment plan is individualized and designed based on the client’s specific needs that considers type, severity, length of addiction and existence of any co-occurring disorder such as depression and anxiety. While traditional therapies such as cognitive behavioral therapy provide techniques to help individuals with their current situation, alternative holistic therapies will help the body do its own healing. Holistic therapies are known to be useful in helping individuals cope with the side effects of the treatments such as fatigue and general discomfort.

Two very effective addiction recovery therapies included in our treatment programs are Family Recovery Progream and the unique Rapid Trauma Resolution Therapy. Our Family Recovery Program has been designed to enhance the quality of the client's family relationships, while Rapid Trauma Resolution Therapy helps clients, who are affected by past trauma, clear troubling memories.

At A Center for Addiction Recovery all the treatment therapies are devised and monitored by our Clinical Director and the senior therapeutic team and are in accordance with our overall program strategy of delivering seamlessly integrated treatment that is supportive and healing.

Traditional Treatment Therapies