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Art Therapy in the Treatment of Addictions

Art Therapy in the Treatment of AddictionsArt therapy as part of A Center for Addiction Recovery's treatment is a complementary therapy offered by a certified creative art therapist. Art therapy offers us a unique approach to addiction treatment, as it helps clients get in touch with their feelings and use creative expression as an outlet. Art therapy at A Center for Addiction Recovery is used to identify and overcome the negative thoughts and emotions associated with addiction and other mental health issues such as depression and anxiety. Research shows that art therapy can improve one's sense of well-being by reducing depression and anxiety.

For someone with an addiction or any mental health related issue, art therapy can be a way of breaking through some of the barriers that may be blocking other beneficial therapies offered at the center. Also, Art Therapy can be a healing force for the body and the mind, in part because the creative process helps release brain chemicals that fight depression, which is a common diagnosis for individuals with addiction problems.

Every time a client creates art, he or she is taking a picture in time. Like a snapshot from a dream, it reveals what you need to know, and it's yours to keep.

Creative art therapy is a journey of finding out who you are, where you are, what you have, and what you need-- in order to get what you want out of life.

Benefits from Exploring Creative Art Therapy During Addiction Treatment:

  • Creating art gives you a product you can see and learn from
  • Evaluating your art can help you pinpoint aspects of your life you may want to change
  • Being able to express yourself without being judgmental can break through negative thoughts or feelings
  • Taking part in group therapy can help you connect with others
  • Letting go of your emotions can create a sense of trust in yourself, your therapist, and the healing process