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Family Therapy in the Treatment of Addictions

Family Therapy, Addiction TreatmentEven though an individual's treatment is important, it is equally important to work positively with and support the family system and relationship milieu.

Please note that our understanding of what constitutes a family and a partner is intentionally broad and inclusive.

We value and respect the views of family members and significant others. Where therapeutically relevant, and with the client's permission, we are able to invite family members or significant others into treatment.

Our Family and Couples Programs Provide Family Members and Partners With:

  • A forum to learn positive communication skills and address chronic issues and concerns with the guidance of a professional mediator
  • A chance to enhance mutual understanding of each others' needs
  • A chance to reignite passion, respect, and regard for each other
  • An understanding of the psychological, medical, and spiritual aspects of the recovery process
  • Meaningful ways of supporting loved ones through difficult times
  • Referral to resources available in their community

On completion of our family or couples programs, clients, their partners, and individual family members have the foundation to rebuild their relationships with each other, heal past wounds, and create a new beginning for love and intimacy.