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Psychotherapy in the Treatment of Addictions

Psychotherapy in the Treatment of AddictionsPsychotherapy, or 'talking treatment' as it is sometimes called, includes a wide range of treatment techniques to treat psychological problems and some psychiatric disorders. Psychotherapy remains one of the most effective treatments for addictions, depression, and anxiety.

While there are many types of psychotherapy being practiced today, all psychotherapists utilize a strong relationship between client and therapist as the vehicle for transformation. A therapeutically beneficial interaction is one where mutual trust exists, and where the goal of treatment is to ultimately help a client change destructive, unhealthy behaviors, thoughts, and emotions, so that their overall quality of life is improved.

At A Center for Addiction Recovery, psychotherapy plays an important role in the healing process. For this reason, we only employ highly experienced and fully qualified therapists. Not only are our therapists innovative, creative, and dynamic, they are also committed to working from a compassionate and respectful stance, where each client is encouraged to change and grow in his or her own unique way.

A Center for Addiction Recovery Offers a Unique Combination of:

  • Insight development, where you learn to understand yourself better
  • Skills development, where you learn to manage yourself better; and
  • Education and information, where you learn more about the problems in your life

We will always try to help you understand all the underlying issues associated with your present condition. For example, substance abuse is usually associated with some form of trauma or corresponding depression and anxiety. If your life has become unmanageable and unhappy, psychotherapy can help shed light on the aspects of yourself that you habitually avoid, or from which you are dissociated - including your strengths!

At A Center for Addiction Recovery, we will help you gain insight into the way in which family-of-origin issues are replayed in the present. We will help you understand and develop skills in formulating safe boundaries. We will help you clarify and gain awareness of your relationships, how you relate to the world and how you behave.

Most importantly, we help our clients find hope for a more fulfilling future.