Trauma Therapy In Addiction Treatment

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Trauma Therapy in the Treatment of Addictions

Trauma Therapy, Addiction TreatmentGenerally one in three people who seek rehab treatment for substance abuse are also trauma survivors. Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD), like addiction itself, does not simply go away. The myriad symptoms of PTSD can be both acute and chronic over time, often appearing in phases and seeming to disappear--only to re-emerge months or even years later. Unresolved trauma can make long-term relationships with family, friends, and partners nearly impossible. Unresolved PTSD often leads to drug-seeking and other obsessive-compulsive, erratic, or irrational behaviors for the sake of emotional relief.

The physical environment of A Center for Addiction Recovery is especially conducive for processing the intense, deeply-rooted emotions (as well as distorted thinking) associated with trauma resolution and PTSD treatment. Our focus is on resolution of PTSD, and on helping addicts develop and utilize tools for maintaining a successful recovery process, as both are integral to the holistic healing process.

The aim of A Center for Addiction Recovery is to help our rehab clients feel safe enough to conquer their fears and overcome their internal obstacles. We help validate and encourage our client's ability to recover through traditional and alternative treatment techniques, in both group and individual sessions. Often, we provide our clients with focused individual attention in order to help resolve the fear and pain of their trauma.

The philosophy of A Center for Addiction Recovery is based on the understanding that both obvious and subtle traumas create intense internal chaos and turmoil. We have the successes of our alumni that continue to prove these traumas can be resolved and healed. A Center for Addiction Recovery prides itself on having the professional staff and the idyllic setting to restore our clients to serenity, and live the power of recovery.