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Women-Specific Drug and Alcohol Rehab Program

Drug and Alcohol Rehab for WomenA Center for Addiction Recovery offers both drug and alcohol, specialized rehab programs for women. These programs are gender and trauma-specific. Our therapeutic interventions address issues of domestic violence, sexual and physical abuse, as well as relationship and parenting issues. Addressing a full range of women's needs, our women's program combines clinical treatment, clinical support, and community support services. These services are enhanced with case management, doctor visit transportation, referrals for services in the community, as well as recovery support and relapse prevention education.

Women drug and alcohol rehab programs at Center For Addiction Recovery include psycho-social treatment, as well as cognitive and behavioral therapy addressing issues such as: trauma, weak coping skills, lack of communication skills, lack of s elf-confidence and concurrent mental-health issues such as depression. Incorporated in our women focused programs are childcare, pre-natal care, parenting skills, and workshops that address women-specific topics, such as: issues concerning partners, family relationships & responsibilities, pregnancy, high-risk behaviors, trauma history, and mental health problems. Our medical and clinical team meet several times weekly, to ensure seamless integration of all therapies involved in our facility. Our therapies are delivered in accordance with the overall program strategy, devised, maintained, and monitored by our Clinical Director and our senior psychotherapy team.

Our Addiction Treatment Therapies for Women Include:

Our comprehensive residential addiction treatment programs for women aim to treat the whole person: body, mind, and spirit. In order to do so, we utilize a range of treatment perspectives (from medical to psychological assessments) and we combine the best in Western bio-medical care and psychotherapy with Eastern holistic complementary therapies, which may include:

Addiction Treatment for Pregnant Women

Center for Addiction Recovery provides specialized addiction treatment services for pregnant women. In addition to our core therapeutic treatment, our addiction treatment services for pregnant women offer the same gender-specific services of our women's addiction treatment program, plus pre-natal and post-partum services such as transportation to and from a clinic/hospital. Our drug and alcohol rehab programs for pregnant women include individualized treatment that addresses the specific needs of women who may also be involved with The Department of Children and Families. We provide recovery support groups for all pregnant patients who wish to seek extra help from the community and/or from outreach programs--either directly or by referral. The overall goal for the future mothers attending our Women's Addiction Treatment Program is a sustained and healthy unification of women with their child/children. 

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Women and Substance Abuse

Often times, women have little emotional support or financial resources to pay for addiction treatment, including childcare and transportation, which makes it difficult for them to enter and remain in rehab. Additionally, women are more likely to have experienced trauma and use substances to cope with those experiences. Women are more likely to have mental health problems such as anxiety, depression, or post-traumatic stress disorder. Women generally have fewer resources in terms of education, employment and finances available to them. Finally, pregnant and parenting women using substances face particular societal disapproval, and pregnant women often delay getting help from addiction treatment services, which may cause serious implications for themselves and their baby.

It is not easy to get a full understanding of women's use of substances and related problems, since the majority of studies in prevention and treatment research does not address gender-specific issues. Although the available studies indicate that women are generally less likely than men to use illicit substances, still, they are more likely than men to abuse prescription drugs. In terms of physiological differences, there is evidence that women, in comparison with men, may become dependent quicker on a number of illicit and legal substances; in addition, they may engage in more HIV-risk behaviors and have higher mortality rates if they inject drugs. It is also known that psychoactive substances often affect women differently, depending on their menstrual cycle and whether they are pregnant or not. Women's use and abuse of drugs and alcohol can result in their baby having low birth weight, early delivery, and poor nutritional status.

Fortunately, studies of comprehensive or enhanced addiction treatment programs, specifically designed to meet women's needs, have found improved recovery outcomes. Data shows that when a comprehensive assessment is performed, and a women-centered addiction treatment plan is put in place, the effectiveness of treatment and recovery is greatly improved.

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