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Drug and Alcohol Addiction Treatment Programs

Addiction Treatment ProgramsA Center for Addiction Recovery is a licensed addiction treatment facility providing treatment for men and women for: drug and alcohol addiction, behavioral addiction like gambling, eating disorders, and dual-diagnosis treatment for conditions such as depression, anxiety and trauma. Our addiction treatment facility offers medical detox and Residential Rehab. Admittance to any of our treatment programs are made based on our medical and clinical team's recommendation in consultation with the client and often loved ones.

Our facility was built in a campus-like style and holds all of the center's treatment needs. On our 12-acre secluded retreat we have a detox wing, therapeutic treatment offices, dining hall, recreational sports area and residential buildings (man and women in separate buildings). Our rehab center offers the privacy and comfort needed for treatment and there is no need for clients to travel to different locations to receive treatment. Besides receiving traditional and holistic therapeutic services we also engage clients in recreational sports activity to promote team building and communication skills. Client meals are prepared daily and comply with each client's dietary needs.

Our programs offer treatment for:

Process Addiction:

Mental Health Related Disorders:

  • Bipolar Disorder Treatment
  • Depression/Anxiety Treatment
  • Mood Disorders Treatment
  • Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder