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Dual Diagnosis Treatment, Co-Occurring Disorders Treatment In the treatment of any addiction disorder, the most important steps is to identify and treat the co-occurring or the dual disorder (comorbidity) the patient may be suffering from. Missing or misdiagnosing a co-occurring disorder such as anxiety, panic disorder, ADHD, depression and bipolar disorder will most likely delay the client's recovery progress, if not render the treatment ineffective. The fact is that such co-occurring disorders may have caused or contributed to the severity of the addiction to start with. For example, the persistent occurrences of some disorders may result in self-medication that later would lead to addiction, or bring about other related destructive behaviors, such as cutting and self-mutilation.

Addiction Treatment Programs for Individuals suffering from co-occurring Disorders

At A Center for Addiction Recovery, clients diagnosed with a co-occurring disorder are treated by highly qualified mental health and addiction treatment professionals through the utilization of integrated traditional and alternative therapies. Our integrated treatment recognizes that substance abuse counseling and traditional mental health counseling is different, and approaches are reconciled to treat co-occurring disorders. For example, it is not enough to teach relationship skills to a person with bipolar disorder. We must also teach them to how to avoid the relationships that are intertwined with their substance abuse.

Individuals admitted to our drug and alcohol rehab program which have been diagnosed with a co-occurring disorder will follow an individualized detox protocol that is carefully monitored and tailored to address not only their detox symptoms but also any other mental health issue that may compromise recovery. Treatment for a dual diagnosed client is best provided in a residential rehab program where support is available 24/7.

Co-occurring Disorders: Treatment After Drug and Alcohol Rehab

Dual diagnosis treatment includes different types of assistance that goes beyond therapies and/or medications provided at a drug and alcohol rehab facility. Clients who are diagnosed with a co-occurring disorder will need some type of long-term care where treatment will continue through individual and family counseling.

Families and loved ones can be most helpful in providing empathic and non-judgmental support. With this support, the proper medical treatment and effective psychosocial treatments, individuals with dual diagnosis are able to actively participate in their journey to recovery.