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What is a Drug and or Alcohol Intervention?

Pain Management ProgramA drug and alcohol intervention is the loving process into a troubled person's life to help motivate them to change and seek professional help. It is a process that begins long before the troubled person is even spoken to, and continues long after the person seeks help. It involves the caring support of the troubled person's family and closest friends. It is a process that brings the person's "bottom up" rather than waiting for the person to "sink to the bottom."

How Can An Intervention Help?

If you or your loved one is in denial and needs addiction treatment, but is unwilling, we can help you break through the denial. An Interventionist will provide you and your family with the tools needed for you to change the dynamics of the relationship, and then guide your loved one towards acceptance of their problem and willingness to enter therapy.

Interventions Available:
  • Alcohol Abuse Intervention
  • Drug Abuse Intervention
  • Prescription Drug Abuse Intervention
  • Cutting Self/Harm Intervention
  • Inhalants Abuse Intervention
  • Inappropriate Sexual Behaviors Intervention
  • Eating Disorders Intervention
  • Gambling Addiction Intervention