What is Rapid Resolution Therapy?

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how to choose a drug or alcohol rehab Rapid Resolution Therapy ® (RRT) is a treatment therapy that eliminates the ongoing effect of past traumatic experiences even if the traumatic experience has been repressed or forgotten. RRT was developed by Dr. Jon Connelly who has over 30 years of experience in clearing traumatic grief. Its treatment application includes: PTSD, Anxiety, Traumatic Grief, Sexual Trauma, Childhood Abuse, Fears and Phobias, Anger Problems, Lack of Sexual Desire and Insomnia.

RRT has become popular because of its ability to resolve trauma by pinpointing and eliminating the negative emotions and destructive behavior patterns without causing patients to re-experience the traumatic event or suffer any emotional pain. Also, RRT is known to provide an effective lasting solution to the client's trauma within 1 to 4 sessions. If you are interested in learning more about Rapid Resolution Therapy ®, you can find videos supporting clients' amazing recovery experiences throughout the Internet. If you are struggling with an addiction which may be compounded by a traumatic experience you can seek treatment at CenterForAddictionRecovery.com

Rapid Resolution Therapy in the Treatment of Addiction

Rapid Resolution Therapy is utilized hand in hand with addiction treatment at Center for Addiction Recovery as half to three-quarters of our clients are diagnosed with PTSD once they've been evaluated. Some of them don't even know that they have some form of PTSD.

As trauma contributes to chronic pain and depression, undermining the best addiction treatment efforts, our drug and alcohol rehab programs offer specialized trauma treatment with Dr. Jon Connelly, the developer and founder of Rapid Resolution Therapy®. To learn more about our addiction treatment programs as well as trauma treatment during the rehab process, talk to us now by using one of the contact options below.

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