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Alcohol and Drug Withdrawal ManagementUse of alcohol or other drugs on a regular basis causes human body to develop some degree of tolerance over time. As the body adapts to substance use, more of the substance is needed to have the same effect as the initial times. If a person stop using alcohol or drugs, unpleasant symptoms, called withdrawal, will follow. The same is true, when one is going through the detoxification process and the body craves the drugs that is not getting. After a while the body will readapt back to its stable condition.

Managing Alcohol & Drug Withdrawal

Depending on the type of substance and the quantities used, alcohol and drug withdrawal symptoms may range from mild to severe--and on occasion, be potentially life-threatening. Alcohol and drug withdrawals are generally complex and unpredictable, so anybody planning on stopping the substance abuse, must do it under medical supervision and have a plan in place.

In preparing to cease substance substance abuse, you need to have a medical professional assess your current tolerance, as well as how you will manage the detox and withdrawal phase. At A Center for Addiction Recovery, your comfort is our main concern, and we cushion your detox experience with the most comprehensive detox management strategies available (visit our page on Alcohol Detox and Drug Detox).