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Too Many Drug Addictions, Too Few Answers

With their state prison system operating at 190% capacity, Alabama's drug abuse problem is both out of control and being inadequately solved. This is despite the fact that several thousand fewer people were arrested in 2010 for drug-related crimes.

In 2010, 52% of all drug arrests in Alabama were related to marijuana (6,815 arrests). Additionally there were 24,759 arrests related to alcohol offenses and thousands of other arrests related to drug busts connected to cocaine, meth and heroin.

Despite the notoriety carried by a lot of cities in the Deep South, Montgomery and other Alabama cities actually have a slightly low average drug crime statistics compared to its size. There are, however many communities with soaring crime rates, particularly Mobile, which are known by some of its residents as "MOB Town." Shootings and other drug-related crime are a common occurrence there. Alabama is also a destination but not a production hub for many drugs, although do-it-yourself meth production is still popular, with tens of thousands of meth-producing precursor ingredients blocked from sale every year in the state.

Little or No Addiction Treatment for Many Rural Cases

Alcohol and cocaine abuse has been on the decline in Alabama, but many drugs that can be easily provided almost anywhere are constantly on the rise in the state. Since Alabama is relatively far away from major drug supplies, what can be locally provided is exceptionally popular and dangerous.

Particularly in the Northern parts of Alabama that is part of rural, poverty-stricken Appalachia, meth abuse is prevalent. Made with mostly over-the-counter ingredients and some basic knowledge of chemistry, methamphetamine provides a cheap high for isolated communities and also a rare and lucrative source of income for many. Unfortunately meth abuse has some of the most devastating physical and mental effects of any hardcore drug; it causes long-term gastro-intestinal and other organ complications even causing severe neurotoxicity in the brain which can lead to severe cognitive impairments.

However, in recent years, meth use has been replaced by prescription drugs. Easier to obtain than meth, some of the most popular brand name prescription drugs that are abused, whether legally or illegally, are Oxycontin, Vicodin, Ritalin, Adderall, Xanax, and Valium. Once used improperly these drugs are all able to cause pernicious addiction problems that will result in severe suffering and death if not treated. Oxycontin and Vicodin are often as addictive as heroin, with many of the same severe side effects and consequences, especially at a long-term level. A medically supervised detox followed by psychotherapy and counseling will often be necessary to resolve a  persistent addiction problem

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