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Alcohol Rehab - How We Treat Alcohol Addiction

Alcohol Addiction Treatment and Rehab CenterA Center for Addiction Recovery provides comprehensive alcohol addiction treatment, utilizing traditional and holistic therapiess, and offering clinical groups and individual therapies with the same excellence of care as costly rehabs. Clients gravitate towards the treatment approach that works best for them, drawing healing and strength from all approaches.

In addition to treating the actual addiction in terms of the habit, we also teach our clients how to identify, understand and deal with the underlying issues that may have caused them to resort to alcohol.

At A Center for Addiction Recovery, clients will:

  • Understand and resolve underlying issues that may be driving them to use alcohol
  • Be empowered to manage future problematic issues instead of resorting to the use of alcohol
  • Learn the tools to live a happy and fulfilling life

Why Get Alcohol Addiction Treatment at A Center for Addiction Recovery

  • We offer unique addiction treatment programs tailored specifically to the needs of each individual client
  • We utilize a combination of Western therapies, including psychotherapy, bio-medical care, and Eastern holistic complementary therapies, including: detox massage, light bodywork, yoga, chiropractic care, and acupuncture.
  • All programs include intensive psychotherapy to explore the deeper reasons behind each client's problem(s). Permanent change is not possible without dealing with these underlying issues.
  • State of the art facility surrounded by lush vegetation, specifically designed to house the specific needs of an addiction treatment center such as: detox center, therapeutic treatment center, male and female residential halls, dining hall, recreational sports area and relaxation areas. Above all we provide a private setting in a secure peaceful environment conducive to healing and recovery.