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Safe and Comfortable Alcohol Detox

Alcohol Detox CenterA Center for Addiction Recovery provides on-premises medically supervised alcohol detox. Our experienced physicians and nursing staff are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to make detox safe and as comfortable as possible. Clients are comforted by learning how their bodies are reacting to the removal of substances from their system, and are engaged in biofeedback sessions. This holistic approach in treating individuals struggling with addiction utilizes the combination of music, choreographed imagery, vibrations and binaural beats which induces a natural meditative state. The purpose of this biofeedback session is to bring balance and harmony to the client's life by teaching them the practice of deep-breathing and the engagement of positive emotional thoughts. When using these techniques, clients are able to establish a coherence baseline and are able to take charge of their emotional reactions.

Evidence-based techniques to help diminish and alleviate the discomfort of alcohol detox:

  • Evaluation for medical issues that may impact the detox process
  • Biofeedback sessions at our Serenity Lounge
  • If necessary, administration of medications to counteract symptoms
  • Balanced diet planned by a licensed nutritionist
  • Ongoing Assessment following detox

Beyond Alcohol Detox

After medical detox clients receive traditional counseling, holistic and alternative therapies, where they are educated about the disease of addiction and learn how to identify and understand the issues that may have caused their addiction. Therapeutic treatment is offered in private and in group setting and often involves family members and loved ones when recommended by therapist.