Does Alcohol Kill Brain Cells?

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Does Alcohol Kill Brain Cells?The quick answer is no, it doesn't kill brain cells, it paralyzes nerves cells while the alcohol impairs the ability to make good judgment calls, as well as the time it takes for the person to react quickly. The damage is done on the dendrites, which are the ends of the neuron. There may be permanent impairment when developing alcoholism, and as a result, if the alcoholic or abuser does not stop the habit of drinking, the neurons in the brain are no longer able to regenerate. Even those neurons that still function are now working at a slower less effective pace.

The debate whether alcohol kills brain cells has existed for many years, even decades. It is important to remember (as we will see later); that it doesn't mean alcoholism is not linked to brain damage. And the fact is that it damages their components, causing the brain to work not as effectively as of those who do not drink. The earlier the drinker quits, the better; but if the alcohol abuse or addiction is prolonged (say, for years without rehab or treatment), then the individual is at risk for damage that cannot be reversed. The ends of neurons are rather fragile and easy to break. This brings us to what is called Wernicke-Korsakoff Syndrome, where the neurons in the brain die. This is caused by frequent binge drinking and alcoholism because it causes the drinker to have low levels of vitamin B. As a result of lack of vitamin B, the alcoholic may experience loss of muscle coordination, vision confusion, difficulty in making new memories, and general confusion. As the symptoms begin to worsen, the person may suffer from hallucinations, or see and hear things that are not really there.

If you or someone you know is drinking excessively, get help now before it’s too late. Brain damage and alcoholism go hand in hand, even though alcohol does not directly kill brain cell, think about it this way: it slowly infiltrates the operations of the body and brain, destroys neuron dendrites (the ends of the neurons that connect to each other), and causes severe issues in understanding due to a lack of vitamin B in the body, also caused by alcoholism.