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Alcohol Rehab and Detox

Alcohol RehabAlcohol addiction treatment in our facility starts by a comprehensive medical examination by our medical staff to determine the treatment protocol and create the individualized treatment plan for every single patient. If alcohol detoxification is necessary, it will be provided on premises within our alcohol detox center. Our alcohol detox facility is staffed with physicians and nursing personnel, experienced in addiction treatment, who oversee the comfort of our clients' detoxification throughout the process, on a 24/7 basis.

Our residential alcohol treatment facility offers a seamless continuing after-detox treatment to those suffering from moderate to severe alcoholism. We believe, individuals struggling with alcohol addiction need constant medical and therapeutic support in a safe and structured environment. It is only in this setting that they will have the time to reflect on their issues and learn the tools necessary to overcome them. This is the time to learn the "whats" and the "hows" that can trigger a relapse and how to avoid it. Offering sensitivity, empathy and compassion, our clinical team works together with each client to help them identify, understand and deal with the issues that may have caused them to resort to alcohol as a solution to their problems.

At Center For Addiction Recovery we offer interactive and solution-focused therapeutic treatment. We utilize a blend of traditional cognitive-behavioral therapies and alternative therapies in the treatment of alcoholism. While cognitive-behavioral therapy techniques have traditionally been the standard in the treatment of alcohol dependency, we believe that this approach alone is not enough. Therefore, we integrate cognitive-behavioral therapy with dynamic experimental group work, individual therapy, group therapy and family counseling. We also utilize twelve-step recovery tools with yoga, massage therapy, acupuncture and art therapy. We believe that together, all these therapies make a substantial contribution to the overall healing process.

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Understanding Alcohol Addiction

Understanding Alcohol AddictionAlcoholism or alcohol dependence is a chronic condition requiring sustained intervention and treatment. Those who are dependent on alcohol experience the following:

  • Craving for alcohol
  • Loss of control over their drinking
  • Withdrawal symptoms when they are not drinking; and
  • Increased tolerance to alcohol so that they have to drink more to achieve the same effect

Alcohol dependence is largely considered a progressive condition, characterized by a strong need to drink despite undeniable problems associated with its continue use. Like substance abuse, dependence on alcohol has been shown to be the main cause of serious problems like legal and lifestyle issues, problems relating to loved ones and chronic health problems such as cirrhosis of the liver, and if left untreated, alcoholism can ultimately lead to early mortality. Another issue worth considering is the fact that families and friends are always adversely affected by the addiction of an affected family member as well.

In cases of alcohol treatment when a person has been heavily reliant upon alcohol for some time, medical detox under the supervision of experienced medical personnel is essential.