How Does It Feel to Get High on Cocaine

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How Does It Feel to Get High on CocaineAnyone who snorts, smokes or injects cocaine gets high fast, and also gets addicted fast. Cocaine is one of the world's most addictive and widespread drugs of abuse in the nation. It is a strong nervous system stimulant, and it interferes with the re-absorption process of dopamine, a chemical messenger associated with control over pleasure and movement. In addition, cocaine interferes with the uptake of norepinephrine and serotonin. All this leads to the accumulation of neurotransmitters at postsynaptic receptors. The senses in other words, go wild. A rush of euphoria bursts here and there while being high, but these tend to shorten in length over time, as well as in lessen in strength.

The fact is, you can't really achieve the same high as your very first high with cocaine. And when you continue to use, the body gets used to it. The body then tolerates daily use, expecting this intake until finally each high is lesser than the next, becoming dimmer and dimmer as the days go by. Eventually, the user just needs it to get by, whether to eat, sleep, think, be in social settings, work, and repeat. Chronic stimulation of receptors causes the feeling of euphoria, which begins immediately upon use and entices emotions and thoughts.

Cocaine when mixed with other substances is a recipe for disaster, often amplifying its effects, such as increased heart rate. Cocaine mixed with heroin to be injected is called a speedball; mixed with marijuana to be smoked, it is called Turbo. Cocaine abuse in general may be linked to: overall bad health condition, criminal behavior, disassociation, paranoia, suppressed immune system, unstable personality, violent behavior, and more. Addiction to cocaine can lead to unpredictable situations and events, and who can forget that possession or use can result in jail time, staying on your record for years to come.