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Addiction Treatment in DelawarePittsburgh has recently witnessed 22 deaths, as well as nonfatal overdoses throughout the state in multiple counties. This has caused federal, state, and local drug investigators to work together quickly to get to the root of the problem. It is suspected that a large batch of heroin was distributed in these communities recently, spurring ideas of developing better education campaigns and allowing street-level detectives to weed out the dealers who lurk in many neighborhoods. Authorities are claiming that they believe the heroin is possibly laced with the painkiller called fentanyl, which is being sold throughout the Western Pennsylvania area, under the names "Theraflu" "Income Tax" and "Bud Ice." This is similar to the China White case back in 88 when 18 died. There was another similar case back in 2006 when 12 deaths occurred (as well as overdoses) when heroin laced with fentanyl was distributed, killing many in Detroit, Philadelphia, and elsewhere.

One of the most worrying things about this case, as well as those similar to this one, is that authorities fear the media will expose the names of these drugs, and as a result, drug users will want to look for them and try them, thinking they will get a good high. The truth is, they may not be looking for the potential overdose, or potential death, which is a very possible outcome. Many drug users, especially heroin addicts, believe they can "handle it," which is naive to think because any dose can have contents that are unknown, or too potent, or too altered. The fact is that you never really know what's in it until you tried it, which could be too late in some scenarios.

Drugs today are laced, and nothing is definite. From Meth, to marijuana, to cocaine and even synthetic drugs, drugs are indefinite in content because sellers are constantly trying to either get the buyer higher, or "dependent" on their product to get bigger and more frequent sales. And it is extremely easy to execute. According to Dr. Capretto from the Gateway Rehabilitation Center, "We know that the advice not to use heroin in the first place falls on deaf ears for people with addiction." Heroin is one of world's most dangerous drug, causing deaths everywhere and addiction as well. Addiction to heroin stems from an initial use of heroin, and is almost impossible to quit without the aid of professional addiction treatment at a rehab center.