What Is Zohydro?

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What is ZohydroZohydro is a still a developing narcotic for pain relief. It is being manufactured by Zogenix in San Diego, CA. It is aimed to provide 12-hour pain relief to patients with moderate to severe chronic pain. Although it is still in the trial phase, capsule strengths have already been tested at 10, 20, 30, 40 and 50 milligram doses to find a moderate dosage that will be most effective for patients who fit the pain profile.

Zohydro contains pure hydrocodone, which is one of the most powerful painkillers and the second most abused prescription drug in the United States. Hydrocodone is highly addictive and known side-effects include fuzzy thinking, slowed or irregular breathing, chest tightness, dizziness, constipation, difficulty urinating, itchy rashes, nausea and vomiting. For those who attempt to detox to escape hydrocodone dependence, they are known to experience negative withdrawal symptoms such as cramping, nausea, diarrhea and vomiting.

While narcotic drugs (such as hydrocodone) do alleviate pain effectively, they are known to give patients euphoric and sometimes numb feelings that require higher doses of the drug over time. As addictive repercussions have become obvious, it becomes too late; it's a hard knot to loosen because narcotics like hydrocodone are the most effective substances against chronic pain which thousands of Americans live with day to day.

The new drug, Zohydro, is creating an uproar among addiction experts and pharmaceutical companies, and very understandably so. Addiction experts are afraid that Zohydro will spur a substantial increase in the amount of drug overdoses, prescription drug addicts, crazed pharmacy robberies and deaths. This is especially a risk because Zohydro is believed to be ten times more potent than current hydrocodone pain medications like Vicodin. Also, for the first time ever, people will have legal access to a pure form of hydrocodone. The fact that the drug is being designed to have timed release like Oxycontin, abusers could simply crush the pill to instantly gain the full effects, a practice which is commonly used for other painkillers.

On the other hand, pharmaceutical companies believe Zohydro will be another avenue of pain relief where other painkillers fail. Because Zohydro is pure hydrocodone, some of the side-effects caused by similar products with weakened hydrocodone mixtures, will be eliminated. Since similar products are mixed with acetaminophen (Tylenol), which is toxic to the human liver, it's a sure thing that this aspect of toxicity will also be eliminated.

Of course many believe that the production of Zohydro is another project for the multi-billion dollar pharmaceutical industry to make more money.
Zohydro is currently being tested on human patients by several companies in an effort to meet the Federal Drug Administration's standards. It is expected that at the latest Zohydro will be released to the public by 2015.

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