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A Treatment Facility With Specific Goals

Center for Addiction RecoveryOur aim is to provide comfort and care for a speedy recovery to all our clients struggling with drug or alcohol addiction. We provide a comprehensive treatment environment, known for our accredited treatment plans and fast and effective recovery from addiction and mental health disorders. Our treatment staff is interconnected, and all share the same end-goal, which is the successful rehabilitation of every person choosing our facility for treatment. If your goal is to clean up fast and start a new life, then we are the facility you want to check into.

A Center for Addiction Recovery is a private addiction treatment center providing specialized treatment for a wide range of addictions and mental health conditions. Our addiction treatment program is one of the most comprehensive treatment models available in the country. In effect, each client has the devoted attention of an integrated addiction treatment team of up to 10 professionals, dedicated to their recovery.

Established as a private drug/alcohol rehab and mental health care provider in 2002, A Center for Addiction Recovery has gone from strength to strength, and is now nationally renowned for:

  • Unparalleled addiction treatment
  • Our understanding of the needs of our client base
  • Our outstanding therapists and practitioners
  • Our flexibility and capacity to bring together the most effective team of therapists suited to each and every client

At a Center for Addiction Recovery Your Addiction Treatment Team Will Be Comprised of:

  • A leading group of certified therapists (psychiatrists, doctors, psychologists, nurses, physiotherapists, yoga teachers, personal trainers, art therapists and recreational activity coaches)
  • Personal support staff
  • Expert clinical consultants, working together in unison to provide reliable guidance

Not only do we provide the most effective treatment for substance abuse and successful rehabilitation of complex conditions, but we achieve all this in exclusive surroundings, always with your comfort in mind.