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Our Vision

Affordable Addiction Treatment Center

"Our vision for A Center for Addiction Recovery was to create a comprehensive yet affordable addiction treatment center - to treat and heal people struggling with addiction and related mental health issues."

Debilitating psychological or physical conditions such as alcoholism, addictions, chronic pain, anxiety, depression, stress related disorders, eating disorders, sex addiction and gambling addiction, are usually complex with layered experiences requiring more than just a medical or psychological approach.

Alcoholism and addiction are often coping means intended to deal with deeper underlying problems. Comprehensive treatment therefore requires the intersecting layers of experience, behavior, cognition, emotion, and attitude to be all addressed together. This requires multiple, yet coordinated therapeutic interventions, which we at A Center for Addiction Recovery have pioneered for over a number of years.

Our therapy plans consist of a unique blend of traditional and a holistic approach to addiction treatment. Our aim is to treat the body, mind, and soul equally. Our clients leave our programs armed with the knowledge necessary to maintain their improved physical, mental, and emotional states, despite the challenges of their daily lives. They are taught vital skills to better manage their lives and are subjected to therapies that enable them to decide what works and what doesn't work in maintaining their sobriety, even long after they leave our center. As part of their aftercare treatment, clients are connected to practitioners in their local area to continue their lifelong healthy and positive lifestyle.

In short, they are given the tools and the "know-how" to continue to keep their life in order.

In creating the best possible treatment environment, with diverse approaches to addiction therapy and the best professionals in each modality, we offer a powerful healing program that is specifically designed to empower our clients to take control of their life--after a long time of total chaos. Clients will have the confidence to create the life they want; complete with the positive and fulfilling relationships they need, great potential for a rewarding career, and a sense of contentment and happiness.

We take the time here to thank you for considering our treatment center, and we honor the privilege of serving you on your journey to recovery.