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Understanding Bath Salts Addiction and Abuse

The term "bath salts" refers to a group of drugs that contain one or more chemicals related to cathinone, an amphetamine-like stimulant. The dangers of bath salts are compounded by the fact that these drugs may contain other, unknown ingredients that may have their own harmful effects.

Bath salts emerged in the US at the end of 2010, as "legal highs" and by the end of 2011, report showed that "Bath Salts" were involved in 23,000 medical emergency department visits. Common reactions reported by patients after using bath salts includes cardiac symptoms (such as racing heart, high blood pressure, and chest pains) and psychiatric symptoms including paranoia, hallucinations, panic attacks, some even display psychotic and violent behavior. Also, patients with the syndrome known as "excited delirium" from taking bath salts experienced dehydration, breakdown of skeletal muscle tissue, and kidney failure. Intoxication from several of these synthetic cathinones including MDPV, mephedrone, methedrone, and butylone has proved fatal in several instances. See headlines below:

  • Snorting bath salts pushed St. Tammany man to suicide
  • As Florida bath salts deaths rise, drug enforcers stymied

In October 2011, the U.S. Drug Enforcement Administration placed three common synthetic cathinones under emergency ban pending further investigation, and in July 9th 2012, President Obama signed legislation permanently making two of them—mephedrone and MDPV—illegal along with several other synthetic drugs often sold as marijuana substitutes.

"President Obama's swift approval of this federal ban is the final nail in the coffin for the legal sale of bath salts in smoke shops and convenient stores in New York State and throughout the rest of the country," said Schumer. "This law will close loopholes that have allowed manufacturers to circumvent local and state bans and ensure that you cannot simply cross state lines to find these deadly bath salts, and I'm pleased that after a great deal of effort, it has become law. We have seen bath salts catalyze some of the most heinous crimes in recent months across Upstate New York, and the President's signature ensures that the federal government can fight this scourge with a united front, across state lines and at our borders."

Fortunately, as of November 2012, A Center for Addiction Recovery has not received any more calls related to inquiries on bath salts addiction, but if you know someone abusing "unknown" powdery substances, beware that it might be bath salts in disguise. Although the new law prohibits chemically similar "analogues" of bath salts, manufacturers usually respond to the ban by creating new drugs different enough from the banned substances to evade legal restriction.

If you have any questions related to treatment of synthetic drugs please contact us. Like any other substance that causes such physical, psychiatric and psychotic symptoms "Bath Salts" dependence is largely considered a progressive detrimental condition, which needs immediate intervention and treatment.

List of a few Bath Salt street Names

  • Plant Food
  • Jewelry Cleaner
  • Phone Screen Cleaner
  • Ivory Wave
  • Bloom
  • Cloud Nine
  • Lunar Wave
  • Vanilla Sky
  • White Lightning
  • Scarface

Bath Salts Addiction Treatment

All clients admitted to A Center for Addiction Recovery receive a thorough medical and clinical examination to determine the most appropriate treatment protocol. If the client requires detox, we recommend a long term therapeutic treatment which is offered in 30, 60, and 90 day format.

Residential treatment is essential when a client is experiencing physical, psychiatric and psychotic symptoms such as the ones presented when an individual is addicted to bath salts. Attending a residential rehab provides clients with a safe environment where therapeutic treatment is delivered on a consistent basis and is implemented according to the client's needs. The structured and comfortable environment provided at our residential drug rehab puts high emphasis on the spiritual principles found in the steps of AA and NA in conjunction with our holistic and alternative therapies.

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