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Cocaine Addiction Treatment

Cocaine Rehab The majority of individuals who seek cocaine treatment smoke crack and are likely to be poly-drug abusers, or users of more than one substance. Those admitted for cocaine addiction treatment at Center for Addiction Recovery fall into that category as well. Clients are examined by our medical and clinical staff to determine the proper addiction treatment protocol. Based on their findings (poly-drug use or not) is when the treatment protocol will be establish. In case other substances are involved, medical detox may be necessary.

Presently, there are no proven medications to treat cocaine addiction, rather treatment is offered through therapeutic services. A residential rehab program is often suggested as it provides adequate therapeutic support and care. In a residential addiction treatment program, clients receive structured therapeutic treatment and reside with peers who are going through the same experience and with whom they can share the same thoughts and feelings.

Understanding Cocaine Addiction

Cocaine dependence is largely considered a progressive condition, characterized by a strong need to use cocaine despite undeniable problems associated with continued use. Cocaine dependence is a serious health issue, potentially leading to an overall self-destructive lifestyle, including problems relating to loved ones, and chronic health problems. Understanding the underlying issues associate with the individual's cocaine abuse is often the key to a successful treatment and recovery. For example, individuals struggling with cocaine addiction often started abusing cocaine to self-medicate. Trauma, depression and anxiety are often associated with cocaine abuse. If any of these mental health conditions are present, then they need to be addressed in conjunction with the cocaine addiction treatment in order for the individual truly recover.

Cocaine dependence is a chronic condition requiring sustained intervention and treatment.

Those who are dependent on cocaine experience:

  • A craving for cocaine
  • A loss of control over their cocaine use and abuse
  • Withdrawal symptoms when they are not using cocaine; and
  • an increased tolerance to cocaine so that they have to have more to achieve the same effect

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