Why Continuum Care Is Important In Drug Rehab

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What is Continuum Care and How does it work ?

Drug Rehab Continuum CareContinuum Care or Aftercare is the last step of the drug rehabilitation process. The goal of an aftercare program is to ease clients to a normal lifestyle which they have not known for a while. Although a strong drug rehab program prepares clients to avoid triggers and maintain their motivation and drive to recover, relapse occurs frequently and it's often seen in clients who did not follow up with a continuum care plan.

We often encourage family and friends to support their loved one's recovery and provide guidance during discharge planning. Aftercare for recovering drug addicts come in different types of services and depending on the nature of the aftercare service, there are some that are more fitting or appropriate for the individual depending on their location and other logistic issues. Either way, we highly recommend our clients to take part in some type of aftercare program such as the two listed below:

Daycare or Outpatient Treatment: Daycare means undergoing sessions with therapists/counselors/psychologists during the day, and going home and attending to family at night. The best thing about this style is that it gives the addict room to grow and be independent. It also helps with the transitioning period of a sober lifestyle, because every day is a war against relapse, so daily visits can keep the momentum going.

Support Groups: Support groups are conducted through scheduled visits with other people going through the same challenge. It provides guidance, insight, and a group effort to keep every member on task and sober, sharing ideas, experiences, and views on their newly found sobriety. Counselors, therapists and recovering addicts can provide helpful tips and lend a helping hand or ear to support new recovering individuals.

Aftercare activities provide clients with the drive and will needed for a successful recovery. By staying on course with aftercare plans recovering individuals will not feel lonely, confused or doubtful. They will know where to find help and where to go to vent their problems. The point is, recovery cannot be done in isolation as it means adapting to a new kind of living and people. Recovery takes time, patience and practice. If attending our residential drug rehab program, ask one of our counselors about continuing on our aftercare program or finding a suitable fit after your drug treatment program is completed. Overtime, it is the individuals' choice to decide when they are ready to live without assistance, but we encourage our clients to keep close contact with their favorite type of support whether it is a counselor(s), local support groups, sponsors, friends and family.