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You or Your Loved One is Ready for Rehab. What is Stopping You?

Below are a few reasons that may be holding you back:

1- How do I know if this is a reputable facility?
15 years experience in providing successful recovery to those struggling with addiction.

2- Is the cost affordable?
You know what they say, if there is a will there is a way. Besides the many insurance plans accepted in our facility, there are many ways we can help you to make the recovery affordable for you. Let’s talk.

3- I’ve heard of rehab facilities being just revolving doors for addicts. Get clean, relapse and come back again.
Yes we know relapse is the biggest factor in the life of a recovering addict. We have plans and procedures in place that will give you the tools and the support when you are most vulnerable to relapse. You can and you will succeed. There is no reason for failure.

4- Is this a safe place and up to the standards of a medical rehab facility?
Our facility is licensed and certified by the Department of Children and Families (DCF) and by the Joint Commission on Health Care Organizations. But we go beyond the required minimum standards to ensure client's recovery success. In addition to the top rated treatment delivered by our staff of doctor, nurses and licensed therapy counselors, our clients enjoy the comforts, similar to those of celebrity rehabs, like medical massage, yoga, meditation, personal training and art therapy. The balanced nutritious meals prepared daily by our gourmet chef and the spacious rooms with private baths are all parts of what makes recovery at our facility as comfortable as possible.

5- Is this place licensed for medical detox?
We are licensed as a medical detox facility and provide 24hr monitoring and medical care to those patients who require detox before starting therapy. We are proud of the comfort and the safety that we offer during the critical detox period.

If you see any other reason that may stop you from getting treatment, starting now, call us. Let’s have a conversation about why it is crucial to start today.

Residential Rehab For Addictions to Drugs & Alcohol

Drug RehabClients admitted to A Center for Addiction Recovery are examined by our medical and clinical staff who will determine the treatment protocol to be followed. If a medical detox is necessary, the client will receive detoxification services at our drug detox center located within our facility. Our drug detox facility is staffed with physicians and nursing personnel who are experienced in the field of drug addiction and ready to comfort clients by utilizing biofeedback techniques. Through a combination of music, choreographed imagery, vibrations and binaural beats, biofeedback brings balance and harmony to the clients' life by teaching them the practice of deep-breathing and the engagement of positive emotional thoughts. By using these techniques, clients are able to make positive changes to their emotional reactions and make a smooth transition to the therapeutic portion of treatment.

Drug addiction treatment does not end with detox and therapeutic programs are available at A Center for Addiction Recovery through Residential Rehab.

Depending on the substance abused and the level of the individual's addiction the above programs are recommended accordingly. If an individual has gone through a detoxification process, we counsel with the client, and often loved ones, on the importance of attending a residential rehab program as detox alone will not treat the root problem of the drug addiction.

Our Drug Rehab Center offers interactive and solution-focused therapeutic treatment. We utilize a blend of traditional cognitive-behavioral therapies and alternative therapies in the treatment of drug abuse and addiction. While cognitive-behavioral therapy techniques have traditionally been the standard in the treatment of drug dependency, we believe that this approach alone is not enough. Therefore, we integrate cognitive-behavioral therapy with dynamic experimental group work, individual therapy, group therapy and family counseling. We also utilize twelve-step recovery tools, yoga, massage therapy, acupuncture and art therapy. We believe that together these therapies make a huge contribution to the overall healing process.

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Understanding Drug Addiction

Understanding Drug AddictionDrug dependence is largely considered a progressive condition, characterized by a strong need to use the individual's drug of choice, despite the undeniable problems associated with its continued use. Whether its narcotics, stimulants, hypnotics, stimulants or hallucinogens, substance abuse and addiction is a chronic condition which requires comprehensive treatment to address all facets of the substance abuse problem. Understanding the underlying issues associate with the individual's drug abuse is often the key to a successful recovery. For example individuals struggling with drug addiction often started abusing drugs to self-medicate and before they realize, they are hopelessly addicted. Trauma, depression and anxiety are often associated with drug abuse and these conditions need to be addressed in conjunction with the medical treatment of drug addiction in order for an addicted individual truly recover.

As families and friends are often adversely affected by the addiction of an affected family member, we encourage them to be supportive during and after treatment. During the rehabilitation when a loved one is in treatment family and friends should participate in any family therapy arranged by the patient's therapist. Also post rehab supportive services can be arranged by family and friend where they would continue show their support. Recovery requires lots of time, love and patience, but it is something attainable. Individuals at our drug rehab center are every day seeking solutions to their problems with substance abuse and addiction and compassionately encouraged to move forward to a healthier, brighter lifestyle.

In seeking drug treatment, please remember that medical supervision is essential in detox circumstances where a person has been heavily reliant upon their drug of choice for some time. Please note not all drugs require a medical detox, but they all require some type of therapeutic rehabilitation service.