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Georgia's Progress on Addiction Treatment and Rehabilitation

Drug Addiction in GeorgiaGeorgia's drug and alcohol abuse problems affect countless people, but are actually well below the national average in almost all respects. In fact, Georgia is unusually responsive to drug crimes and abuse problems in recent years. The state used to have one of the toughest drug policies in the country, which doubled its prison population in the last decades at a taxpayer cost of $1 billion a year. However in 2012 their legislature softened many of their policies, particularly towards marijuana possession, re-emphasizing the importance of tackling violent drug crime and treating minor drug offenses with tickets and drug rehabilitation.

Georgia also recently had the unsavory position of inheriting the shady business of prescription drug distribution from Florida. After Florida recently curtailed the massive and largely fraudulent prescription narcotic trade it had developed in the 2000's, it was soon apparent that many of these "businessmen" were moving to Georgia to re-open. Georgia has once again responded by regulating away their pill mill problems and not allowing their problems to simmer for as long as they did in Florida.

Drug Addiction Fueled Mostly Through Drug Crime

This is in stark contrast to the notoriety Atlanta has a drug town. It is certainly true that Atlanta has one of the largest gang populations in the South, with street violence and street drug use a common sight in many impoverished sections of the state's capital. However, public and private treatment for drug addiction has made a big difference for many peoples' lives in the state.

Once someone has come to the realization that they need help for an addiction problem, be it through a life-changing event, intervention, or otherwise, the first step is to look around for what options will best help someone attain sobriety. For an opiate addict, a medicated detox program and extensive psychological rehabilitation will likely be necessary, and these are available in facilities all over the country. Others looking to detox from alcohol, methamphetamine, cocaine, or other addictive drugs often need professional rehab as well in order to be in a safe place away from temptation surrounded by people who are encouraging one another to stay clean. Our addiction treatment facilities offer treatments beyond the standard including alternative and holistic therapies that brings emotionally and psychologically healing moments to patients who are willing to embrace the possibility of a life free of substance abuse.

Georgian cities with drug abuse problems: Atlanta, Marietta, Lawrenceville, Savannah, Augusta, Columbus, Macon, Decatur, Alphraretta, Cumming, and Gainesville,

Counties in Georgia with the largest concentrations of drug abuse problems: Fulton, Gwinnett, Dekalb, Cobb, Chatham, Cherokee, Clayton, and Henry.

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