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Drug Rehab Center IllinoisThe state of Illinois as a whole has many rural and agricultural areas as well as the greater Chicago area that is best known for. While many in Illinois suffer from alcohol and drug abuse, there is a sizable difference between many of the demographics it affects and how severely. Generally, drug use and its treatment are slightly more favorable state-wide than the national average.

Chicago the Center of the State's Struggle with Addiction

However, much like the difference between New York State and City, there is a big difference when it comes to Chicago, which is one of the country's largest centers for drug trafficking and gang activity. The amount of emergency room visits for drug overdoses are very high in the Chicago area, and cocaine, heroin, and marijuana are abused at a greater rate in Chicago than most other parts of the country. Also while prescription drug abuse is everywhere in America it is also found that heavily urbanized metropolitan areas tend to have a far greater usage of illicit narcotics such as heroin over prescription opiates.

This "traditional" drug trade in Chicago carries a high price, as the city has chronically struggled with extreme bouts of gang violence and corruption. From the streets of Chicago to high levels of office there seem be constant arrests stemming from drug abuse, violence, and graft. This allows drug use to spread unchecked into many parts of the Windy City, affecting rich business people as well as the poverty-stricken. Like many of America's major cities, drug abuse is often revered instead of reviled, with many people and parts of society embracing binge drinking, marijuana, cocaine, and ecstasy use, as well as experimenting with crystal meth, heroin, and prescription drugs.

Urban Drug Abuse and Crime Affects the Whole State

The overall consequences to the state of Illinois are many. Illinois has a disproportionately large prison population and spends billions every year on a litany of drug enforcement programs, from gang-busting metro task forces to youth prevention programs, not to mention the thousands of people imprisoned every year in the state for crimes stemming from drug addiction.

Incarcerating drug addicts is one of the greatest follies of America's approach to drug epidemics today. For a lucky few a trip to jail or prison is a wake up call to act against their destructive habits. For most time in prison cements criminal behavior and can actually increase someone's desire to abuse drugs. Most of all, there is rarely if ever an opportunity to create a safe, healing, and embracing environment in prison that an addict will need to psychologically come to terms with their addiction and create a long-lasting sobriety.

There are many public and private drug and alcohol rehab centers in Illinois that do offer these services. Inpatient/residential addiction treatment that includes working in group counselingpsychotherapy, and rehabilitative physical and emotional therapies are far more effective at creating a lasting will to stay drug-free than do-it-yourself attempts or state-run addiction treatment correctional programs. If you or someone you know is sliding further into a drug or alcohol addiction please contact us to learn about how our services can help you.

Illinois cities with sizable addicted populations: Chicago, Aurora, Rockford, Naperville, Springfield, Peoria, Joliet, and Elgin

Counties in Illinois with a large population of drug abusers: Cook, Dupage, Lake, Will, Kane, Mchenry, Winnebago, Madison, and Saint Clair

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