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Drug Addiction in IndianaIndiana's four major metropolitan areas, college towns, and sports events are an encouraging environment for drug abuse. While the popularity of illicit drugs is not as great as in neighboring Illinois, Indiana has been hit hard by the home-made meth and prescription drug epidemics of the past few years.

Purdue, Indiana, and Notre Dame Universities, as well as the Indianapolis 500 and a host of major and college-level sports teams make for a lot of regular excitement in Indiana - and lots of substance abuse. In fact some of the biggest sponsors of Indiana's billion-dollar sports industry are companies that sell beer and liquor. Many of the tourists that come for these events are expected to spend loads of money on alcohol. For years advertising addictive drugs in entertainment venues has had a hidden darkside: the fact that thousands of alcoholics as well as drug and gambling addicts flock to these events for cheap thrills and substance abuse. These massive events are also highly enabling for teenagers and tourists who start experimenting heavily with alcohol and other widely available drugs.

But much of the drug industry in state runs on a daily basis - from prescription drug pharmaceutical companies to meth production, of which over 1,000 labs are busted in-state every year. Despite being a relatively urbanized area, meth and prescription drug abuse have hit areas of Indiana as hard as many more rural and less effectively trafficked states such as Kentucky. These areas see deadly overdoses on oxycodone and hydrocodone virtually every day, and also the abuse of rarer but extremely dangerous pain relief drugs such as oxymorphone. Unfortunately, law enforcement, as well as drug rehabs across Indiana, have had a hard time keeping up with the drug problem. For every one person whose prescription drug addiction gets to the point where they actively seek help, there are many more who can continue to function and abuse these drugs for years at a time, and there are also those who die from overdosing before they can get help.

Unfortunately there is no easy way to bring the countless thousands of addicts in Indiana to the help they need. In many cases the overwhelming voices of popular advertisements and social relationships are going to keep many people constantly looking for more drugs to take. Still others will end up in a correctional facility where they will unlikely get treatment. Often it will come down to the friends and family of someone with an addiction problem to take an extraordinary step, such as an intervention, to convince the struggling addict that they need rehab.

Beyond the difficult and painful detox symptoms that most chronic drug addicts experience, the most difficult aspect of recovery awaits. Many people will go through drug rehab multiple times, or drop out because of relapse. However, counseling and addiction therapies offered at reputable drug rehab facilities are statistically more effective in achieving a sustainable recovery than attempting to recover alone. Through group counseling, psychotherapy, and other healing therapies, patients often regain their sense of self-worth, which is the perfect opportunity to rebuild their lives for the long term. One of the great benefits of attending a reputable drug addiction treatment can be found in the lessons taught on relapse prevention, where individual strength and life-skills that support recovery are rediscovered. These skills empower the recovering individual to stay safe and sober. If you or someone you know is struggling with an addiction, get help now.

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