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Drug Rehab Center in MassachusettsMassachusetts and especially the Greater Boston area has had its share of serious drug problems. However much of it is on the mend, as, much like New York City, police and community involvement has cleaned up much of the drug crime in this New England hub.

Despite these improvements Massachusetts still has one of the highest rates of alcohol and drug dependence in the nation, as well as the highest rate of addicts who do not get addiction treatment. The rates at which people in Massachusetts overdose or get alcohol poisoning and visit emergency rooms are far greater than the national average, especially when it comes to teenagers and young adults. In general Massachusetts sees a higher incidence of drug abuse for almost every popular narcotic than the rest of the nation.

This is an unusual bind for Massachusetts, whose progressive policies include a comprehensive state healthcare initiative and the de-criminalization of possession of marijuana. Boston, as well as most of New England will likely always suffer from a disproportionately high incidence of drug abuse.

Chemically dependent addicts often do not have the will to overcome the signals their brains are sending out when it craves more drugs. This is why interventions and treatment are necessary.

Chronic heroin, cocaine, or alcohol addicts will likely need to have a supervised detox in order to ensure their safety, and after that, there are options for residential addiction treatment programs. The most common feature of these programs is the time-tested Twelve Step Program and group counseling. However, our facilities offer many other alternative and holistic addiction treatments including detox massage, acupuncture, art therapy, and yoga. If you or someone you love is suffering from substance abuse, please contact us. A Center for Addiction Recovery offers an array of addiction treatment programs which are individualized for each client according to his/her lifestyle and addiction behaviors. We want all our clients to not only stop the addiction and the destructive behavior they are involved in, but learn to live the productive and sober life they once knew.

Cities in Massachusetts with high rates of drug abuse: Boston, Worchester, Springfield, Lowell, Quincy, Brockton, Cambridge, Lynn, Fall River, New Bedford, and Dorchester. Counties in Massachusetts with ongoing drug addiction issues: Middlesex, Worcester, Essex, Suffolk, Norfolk, Bristol, Plymouth, and Hampden.

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