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Drug and Alcohol Rehab in MassachusettsWhen considering national rankings of the total amount drug abuse incidents, drug related deaths, and hospitalizations, many would immediately name New York, Chicago or Miami as the locations most probable for holding them high. As so many movies, newsstands, and books repute these areas for being the cocaine highways amongst other drugs, it comes as a surprise that Eastern Massachusetts has already surpassed them all.

To start with, Massachusetts in 2012 posted a rate of emergency room visits (that involved drug abuse only), and was found to be higher than any other major metropolitan area in the country. In Worcester in particular, lifetime heroin use was twice the state and the national average. The most gripping statistic would be that of the South Shore researchers, who stated that every eight days one person died of a drug overdose. Other cities and regions throughout the country have experienced a growth in drug abuse and addiction, consequently increasing hospitalizations and casualties involving substance abuse.

Compared to larger metropolitan areas, such as New York, where hundreds of thousands of people are living in the major cities, it's hard to believe that Eastern Massachusetts holds the infamous record in drug related hospitalizations. This is especially true when considering hospitalizations due to heroin use, where astonishingly, Eastern Massachusetts holds the number one spot (by a land slide) of four times the amount of any other area.

The only silver lining of this vicious storm-cloud is that violent crimes such as rape, murder and aggravated assault are on the decline by 8.5%. This small victory however, has not in the slightest sense prevented Easter Massachusetts from being mentioned at the State House event by council researchers. It is still a current pressing issue.

Stopping the drug flow in the area and getting help to those who suffer from serious addictions is still a number one priority. However, the disparity between the rich and the poor, when it comes to health care, and essentially the level of care and help available to those who suffer from drug addiction, is ongoing and obviously an important factor. To correct this situation, the State has been searching for ways to strengthen the health care system in Massachusetts. One proposal included a slightly higher sales tax on alcohol and similar legal substances. The 100 million raised by this tax in just one year was suggested to go towards drug and alcohol rehabilitation programs for the state. However, this appeal was shot down by small businesses and consumer groups. Another effort made towards lowering drug abuse and addiction has been put forward by Gov. Deval Patrick, who signed a bill that aims to strengthen the monitoring of prescription pills.

Although state's financial resources are stretched like in any other state in today's economy, House Speaker Robert DeLeo stated last September during the National Recovery Month that substance abuse programs must remain a priority. Since 2011, when the breaking news of high rates of drug related deaths and hospitalizations were found in Eastern Massachusetts, much attention has been drawn to the area, though only in the background. As a result, the state has increased this year's budget for substance abuse programs by $2.4 million, totaling $77.2 million.

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