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Midwest Shares Alcoholism and Drug Addiction Mess

Drug Addiction Treatment in Missouri

Situated on the border of the Midwest and the South, Missouri is a heavily agricultural state with two main population centers on the East and West borders of the state: Kansas City and Saint Louis. While these are relatively major urban metropolitan areas, like much of the nation the real addiction problems in Missouri stem from alcoholism.

Saint Louis and Kansas City do exhibit some of the tell-tale signs of urban drug trafficking. While these effects are relatively mild compared to cities on the West Coast or in New England, abuse of crack cocainemethamphetamine, and heroin is high in the many impoverished neighborhoods of these metropolitan areas. In this respect these cities are more similar to places such as Tulsa and Dallas than neighboring Chicago. However organized crime and street gangs are very common in Saint Louis and Kansas City and help ensure that downtown streets are flooded with desirable and addictive drugs at all times. However, as a state and as a region, the primary problem in the Midwest is alcohol. Of its 12 states, almost all of them, particularly the western ones, have lower than average problems with addictions to drugs such as heroin and cocaine but have high rates of binge drinking, underage drinking, and alcoholism that goes untreated. A primary reason for this consistent crisis is the prevailing attitude towards alcohol. Drinking is encouraged by nearly all forms of advertising every day all across Missouri. It is a significant source of state revenue in the form of sales and business taxes. And it is often enjoyed in large quantities even by those who preach abstinence from illegal drugs. Alcohol companies also spend millions of dollars a year in advertisements and sponsorship deals with college and major league sports teams. Therefore people from a young age learn that drinking is relatively safe as well as fun and socially acceptable.

Unfortunately only a fraction of the money spent on promoting alcohol is put towards informing people about its dangers and what can be done to combat alcoholism. While the average opinion of an alcoholism problem may be to ignore it or even encourage it, the fact is that it is very hard to quit alcohol and it takes a lot of help and support from friends and family in order for someone to attain what could may well be a life-saving rehabilitation.

Addiction Treatment Programs is not just for people enrolled in drug courts or those with cocaine or heroin addictions. In fact, the overwhelming majority of people in rehab are there to get the counseling and support necessary to stop drinking. While many try quitting "cold turkey" on a regular basis, statistics show that the odds are not great for these recovering alcoholics to avoid relapses. Professional addiction treatment's most valuable benefit is the psychologically and emotionally healing therapies that re-build self-confidence and willpower within patients so that once the program is complete they can go back to their ordinary lives and resist the temptation to go back to abuse drugs. If you or someone you know need addiction treatment contact our rehab center.

Cities in Missouri with high rates of substance abuse: Saint Louis, Kansas City, Springfield, Colombia, Saint Charles, Independence, Florissant, Lees Summit, O'Fallon, and Ballwin

Missouri counties with large amounts of drug abuse: Saint Louis, Jackson, Saint Charles, Greene, Clay, Jefferson, Boone, Jasper, Franklin, and Cass

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