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Prescription Drug Addiction Treatment in MontanaSince the early 90's, prescription painkillers have steadily grown in popularity in terms of abuse, until finally it was identified as a growing epidemic in most states across the U.S. Every year thousands of people die due to accidental overdose on prescription medication, and the death toll is only second to those caused by automobile accidents.

Montana, like many other states, is facing an ever increasing problem of addictions, hospitalizations and deaths due to the prescription pills. These drugs are reaching the streets a few different ways. The most common is doctor shopping, or when a patient fills multiple prescriptions with multiple doctors and pharmacies. Most often the people who doctor shop are either addicted to the medication themselves or sell the pills on the street for a serious profit. The other way these pills reach the streets is that they are stolen.

Many people don't think twice about where they keep their current prescriptions, or old ones that they never finished. Pill containers are often kept on dressers, bed side tables, in medicine cabinets, or next to the sink, just to name a few. In easy reach and view of other family members, or visiting friends, these pill bottles are all too easy to steal from. Many people lose track of how much medication they used over time, especially if the prescription isn't needed any more.

It is highly important to store prescriptions in a secure place where others are not likely to find them. But even so, actual theft only accounts for a small amount of prescription drugs sold on the streets.

The name "silent epidemic" is generally easy to understand when it refers to the general nature of prescription medication abuse. While other drugs are highly marketed as dangerous and something to be wary of, prescription medication has a safer reputation--although not deservingly so. Many people are disillusioned when considering the safety of taking prescription pills without a prescription. The fact that doctors are the ones who prescribe the pills, and the fact that they are legal to those who need them, pass on the belief that taking them is really not so bad or dangerous. This couldn't be further from the truth. Many medications carry dangerous side effects, and without a doctor's direction, prescription medication can have deadly effects.

Addiction to prescription medication can onset very quickly, yet symptoms may not be displayed until long after the addiction has taken place. Where heroin addicts often have tell tale signs of addictions, such as puncture marks where the needle was injected in order to use the drug, addiction to prescription pills does not show up until the body tolerance is so high that an individual begins to reach unconscious levels of intoxication. So it is up to as a whole to place greater emphasis on the dangers of drug use, in all level, including alcohol. Medicine cabinets, drawers, and the kitchen table are the new "lemon stand" for prescription drugs, where many are oblivious to the fact that pills are just another popular suicidal weapon in American society.

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