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Drug Addiction in Nevada

The State of Vice

Nevada's unusual history includes a relationship with substance abuse that is a bit different from what much of the nation has experienced. A century ago, Nevada was struggling to bring people inside its borders, so politicians adopted a theory that they would liberalize many of their laws from what was common law in neighboring California. Nevada also passed the nation's most liberal alcohol laws, and to this day alcohol can be purchased 24-7 in a variety of venues. There are those who believe that Nevada is going through severe consequences for allowing such a great amount of drug abuse and addiction to spread over the decades. Nevada is often attributed with both the highest unemployment and foreclosure rate in the nation. Along with Louisiana, Nevada continues to have one of the highest crime rates in the nation annually, including murder, robbery, and vehicle theft. An ironic exception to Nevada's policies is their drug laws. Although medical marijuana has recently become legal, Nevada has some of the harshest drug laws in the nation and is one of the few remaining who demand mandatory sentencing for most forms of drug possession.

Despite the many unique characteristics of Nevada's drug enforcement policy, the economic, geographic, and social problems of Nevada have created a massive drug abuse problem. Nevada's teenagers abuse prescription drugs at some of the highest rates in the country, and depression and other mental health problems are high for all age groups. Nevada is also ground zero for the crystal meth epidemic which has also been booming throughout the Southwest for the past decade - there are as many people checking themselves into meth rehab as alcohol rehab in the state. The drug culture of Las Vegas also has some notorious claims to fame, including rampant crack cocaine, meth, and alcohol abuse that thrives alongside thousands of gambling addicts, sex trafficking, and drug-related violent crime.

Nevada does have a number of addiction treatment programs that have helped countless individuals return to a sober lifestyle, treating their addiction for the long term. There are some disparities, however, where the law enforcement community in the state generally does not refer addicts in their care to addiction treatment services as often as many other states, leaving the job up to community organizations and those that seek it out for themselves. It is true, though, that often the most effective way for an addict to beat their habit is to identify and realize that they have a problem and look for a rehab program. This can be a difficult task because many addicts go through denial, or lie to themselves and their families about their obvious addiction problem. Also, withdrawal symptoms constantly add stress and fear to the addicts' list of challenges to be overcome. But often true, it is the addict alone that can make the ultimate decision to go to rehab and embrace recovery.

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Nevada cities that suffer from drug addiction: Las Vegas, Henderson, Reno, Sparks, Carson City, Pahrump, Fallon, Elko, and Gardnerville

Counties in Nevada with high rates of substance abuse: Clark, Washoe, Carton City, Lyon, Douglas, Elko, and Nye

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