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Drug and Alcohol Rehab in Upper Valley, NHOutlying areas such as The Upper Valley In New Hampshire has seen its share of substance abuse in the last decade, where health officials are claiming that drug abuse is more likely to continue. Despite the fact that it is far from America's cities and suburbs, the Upper Valley has its own set of problems, from drug labs, synthetic drug distribution, pill-popping and overdose, alcoholism, and the list goes on as people are becoming more dependent and addicted to harmful substances. Also, abuse is more prominent than actual incidents; for example, the Lebanon law enforcement only dealt with a few arrests related to drugs, totaling to about 13 in a time span of four months. Astonishingly, only one person was charged with drug dealing, which is a dream-come-true for some states. The catch is that although law enforcement are not seeing these drug problems prominently, counseling organizations and referral services are experiencing numerous amounts of calls from over 200 people in one month alone.

This discrepancy can only mean that abuse is rising high, but it is also a hidden phenomenon. The problem is that people are asking for help when addiction is already embedded deep within its victim; if there is an emergency or an overdose situation, people often call and make the report. According to addiction specialist, this hidden epidemic stems from the fact that people are keeping their depressive states and unhappiness secret, and doing drugs in order to cope with these situations. They might not be going out into the streets and getting into trouble, but they are certainly abusing drugs in their homes secretly. This is definitely bad news for those who are suffering from dependency; painkillers and pills kill silently swiftly, taking the lives of many who use it recklessly.

In the Upper Valley, heroin is widely used and available in rural communities, creating dependency issues fast. Second to that are prescription drugs, which stem from hardships like unemployment and having constant legal issues. People are using Oxycontin to deal with their problems, which is narcotic pain reliever associated to other drugs like morphine. Obviously, pot is one of the most popular drugs in the Upper Valley like most other places in the US, but nowhere near as deadly as the opioids and narcotic painkillers. It is important for kids and teens not to get into these habits, where most think it's a "fun experience" like using marijuana. Pills and narcotic drugs are far from the effects if marijuana and many young people don't know that. Officials are working on building more treatment centers and services to help provide professional rehabilitation in a medical environment to save more lives, and possible future addictions.

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