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Drug addiction, especially prescription drug addiction, has increased tremendously over the past few decades in New Jersey, as well as in other states. Bergen County has seen its share, and witnessed numerous overdose cases in recent years. In 2014, and we are just in March, Bergen County witnessed 13 heroin-overdose deaths, which reflects the unending drug addiction problem in the county. These tragedies, caused by what is called a prescription drug epidemic, are being dealt with through large campaigns and awareness initiatives; addiction after all, affects all walks of life no matter what age, gender, or class status. Regardless of what community or what part of the city you are in, no one is immune from addiction.

As the nation continues the battle against drug abuse and addiction, Bergen County Prosecutor John L. Molinelli, is taking action to curb this problem in his county by creating a print-ad campaign. His ads, which ran in a New Jersey newspaper (The Record), focused on promoting public awareness of the dangers that opiates poses by describing realistic drug abuse scenarios. A second ad emphasized that anyone who supplies a drug to another person is criminally responsible if that person overdoses--whether it's through selling the drug or not. And a third ad, targets parents, saying that if their son or daughter gives one of their pills to a friend and that friend overdoses, then that son or daughter could serve time in jail (the strict-liability statute).

Focusing on educating the public on the dangers of opiate addiction and the strict-liability statute Prosecutor John L. Molinelli, says: "How this law can affect even the best families is something every Bergen County parent needs to understand. "In his official Twitter account he wrote. "Arresting those addicted to heroin will not solve anything. We need to focus on going after those who deal."

According to The Governor's Council on Alcoholism and Drug Abuse more media campaigns are expected to this year.


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