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Drug Addiction Treatment in New Jersey

Long-time Suffering in the Northeast

New Jersey's mixture of extremely dense urban municipalities, rural backwoods, and bustling tourist centers give it a distinct reputation.

Urban areas such as Newark, Trenton, and Atlantic City are major centers for organized crime in the Northeast. The New York-New Jersey area is one of the largest sources of both supply and demand for illicit drugs in the country. Everyone from college students to Wall Street executives fuel the demand for prescription opiates, methheroincocainemarijuana, and many other drugs in this area. Organized crime that profits from drug sales operates at both the street level, resulting in daily incidents of drug crimes, as well as at the top, with many high-level drug traffickers operating in the Northeast area.

New Jersey, as much as New York, has come to represent society's prevalent attitude towards immoral, criminal behavior and drug abuse. Former governors and reality television shows alike from the state emphasize drug abuse, irresponsibility, and taking advantage of one another. Atlantic City in particular is typically branded as a city where "anything goes" alcohol and gambling abuse not only result in addiction, but a lower quality of life due to health complications, financial stress, and mental distress . Constant street and gun crime is a common result of this attitude in New Jersey.

In general over the past 20 years New Jersey has seen below-average drug addiction rates but is still flooded with drug distributors that spread suffering all across the Northeast. As a result, the amount of drugs available nationally continues to increase, prison populations continue to climb, and drug crimes become a constant and unavoidable fact of life.

Combating Substance Abuse Treatment Gets a Second Look

New Jersey has taken proactive steps recently to combat the problem of substance abuse and addiction. In fact, New Jersey may be the first state to make drug addiction treatment mandatory for many current and all future people imprisoned in the state. Many states currently recommend and try to relieve prison populations by sending people to drug rehabilitation, but so far none of them have a mandatory drug rehab policy. It has also been found that while 54% of drug parolees are re-arrested, only 16% that graduate the current form of rehabilitative drug court are re-arrested. This could have a mixed effect since people that are forced into drug rehab are often unsuccessful, but it will expose countless thousands of substance abusers who have regular problems with the law to the possibility of drug rehabilitation.

This is often one of the greatest short-comings in current society, which is the lack of education about the benefits of drug rehabilitation amongst the millions of those that suffer from drug addiction. The substance abusing population is constantly expanding, especially with alcoholics and prescription drug abusers - and the majority of them will either end up imprisoned, homeless, dead, or seriously ill. Another way the state of New Jersey is combating addiction and substance abuse is by gaining more awareness for the public in an attempt to deter individuals from experimenting or using drugs and alcohol recreationally.  Our alcohol and drug treatment centers admit those who are a lot like the majority of the people in this situation, but took steps for their own well-being and future by entering into addiction treatment. Our recovery center not only maintains abstinence in a calm therapeutic environment, but spends months counseling patients in order to re-build mental/physical health, and healthy habits that will create the desire for a long-lasting sobriety. If you or someone you know is ready to embrace a substance-free lifestyle,  contact us to learn more about our addiction treatment programs and admission qualifications.

New Jersey cities with chronic substance abuse issues: Newark, Jersey City, Trenton, Paterson, Toms River, Edison, Elizabeth, Lakewood, and Clifton

New Jersey counties with ongoing drug enforcement problems: Bergen, Middlesex, Essex, Monmouth, Ocean, Hudson, Union, Camden, Passaic, Morris, Burlington, Mercer, and Atlantic.

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