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South  Jersey Severe Addiction ProblemsCape County, located in South New Jersey, is suffering from the prescription drug epidemic like most other counties in the region, racking up deaths and fatal overdose incidents quickly in the past few years, not to mention the countless cases of alcoholism and heroin use. However, the main concern is prescription drug abuse, ranging from depressants, stimulants, and most popularly, opiate drugs. Addiction problems and dependency rates are high above the national average, and many believe that the situation is only getting worse as time goes by.

For example, Cape May County is ranked among the top 5 counties for most alcohol and drug-related arrests and professional treatment admissions, according to the Department of Human Services' New Jersey Chart book of Substance Abuse Related Social Indicators. In one month alone, the county witnessed 9 overdoses, where 5 ended up in death. There is only so much the community can do to help, aside from educating the youth about the ultimate dangers of taking prescription pills or any other form of drug for recreational purposes. Many teens and young adults have no idea what they are getting themselves into with drug usage, primarily because they have never dealt with addiction or dependency problems. However, when it does catch them by surprise, it is often too late and they have taken one pill too many, or mixed it with alcohol or other drugs.

There was a doubled increase in the number of heroin treatment admissions (as well as other opiates) in Cape May County since 2006, which surpasses all other counties for the exception of two others that ranked higher. But the most astonishing statistic comes from 2012, which estimated that more than one person (on average) died every day in New Jersey due to heroin use. Even one dose can do this, so it doesn't take addiction or dependency to kill a person. State officials and law enforcement are teaming up with health care professionals, addiction specialists, rehab centers, and social organizations to help create better preventative measures, such as education, seminars, more involvement in the classroom, and getting close to parents. Prescription drug addiction in Cape May County New Jersey is taking its toll on many lives and many families, so it is important to reach out to as many people as possible, and make sure as the upcoming years roll by, less and less teens and young adults will succumb to this silent killer of a disease.