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New York City's Drug Abuse Problem

New York City's population, high crime rates, and centralized drug abuse locations are contributing factors to the city's overall drug abuse problem, involving all kinds of substances--from alcohol and heroin, to prescription medications. It for this reason that for decades, drug trafficking, drug crime, and substance abuse are all quite common in New York, leading to consequences such as legal punishment, health crises, and death amongst users.

In 2009 alone there were nearly 120,000 drug-related emergency room visits just in the New York City area. Noticeably distinct from the rest of the country is the fact that NYC has a relatively low occurrence of legal and prescription drug abuse and overdose, but when it comes to illicit drug use the city is well above national averages in almost all aspects. Chronic heroin and cocaine abuse is particularly a sore spot of New York's drug menace; methadone clinics are some of the most common and enduring sights of some of the impoverished parts of the Five Boroughs.

Realities of Drug Addiction and Recovery in New York

New York's crime rate has plummeted significantly in past decades, in part due to a massive increase in policing efforts and the revitalization of much of downtown Manhattan, leading to a new tourist renaissance for the NYC area. However, drug culture is also still an embedded part of the way of life amongst one of densest and most diverse cities on Earth; the nightlife of everyone from Wall Street executives to street addicts mean that there is constant drug traffic in and out of the city, filling the pockets of legal narcotic providers and drug cartels alike.

While policing efforts in parts of the Five Boroughs has paid off, the fact that New York City is still an organized crime and drug trafficking hub shows that there is still far too much demand out there. The ineffectiveness of imprisonment for drug possession, that is often only a result of a chronic drug addiction, can be dramatically improved by utilizing more rehabilitative drug therapies. Jail time and long sentences are ineffective to treat an ongoing drug or alcohol addiction, while on the other hand, professionals and experts in the field of addiction treatment work side by side with recovering addicts on a daily/weekly basis to address the root of the problem.

This is the case not just for those that need opiate addiction treatment but those that are coming to terms with a cocaine, methamphetamine, or alcohol addiction. More often than not a relapse is in the works if there is no professional recovery for a chronic addiction to these substances. A thorough psychological and spiritual therapy regimen will often be necessary to heal emotional wounds, deal with mental health issues, and re-establish the patient's connection to the world. Please speak to one of our counselors if you or someone you know anywhere in New York State have a substance abuse problem that needs to be dealt with.

New York cities with chronic drug problems: New York, Brooklyn, The Bronx, Queens, Buffalo, Rochester, Staten Island, Syracuse, Flushing, Jamaica, Yonkers, Schenectady, Albany, Astoria.

Counties in New York with a large population of drug abusers: New York, Queens, Kings, Suffolk, Nassau, Bronx, Westerchester, Erie, Monroe, Onondaga, Richmond.

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